Check Guarantee

People don't think about what a valuable resource checks can be to their business.  We can help you setup a gurantee program that saves money over your credit card processing fees and gives your customers another payment option while ensuring your funds.

Customized Industry Solutions

Checks can play a key role in increasing your bottom line.  They reduce the costs you would see with credit cards.  We can help your industry maximize profits.

The Complete Check Solution

Check Guarantee

Accept Payments Risk Free

Check Verification

Use Verification to Authorize Checks

Electronic Check Processing

Deposit Checks Remotely

Remote Deposit Capture Plus

Remotely Deposit and Guarantee Checks

Multiple Check Guarantee

Give Clients A Fexible Payment Schedule

Stop Payment Service

Collect Even When A Payment Is Stopped

Check On Delivery

Guarantee Checks Over The Phone

Check Processing Plus Recovery

Convenience Of Check Processing and Recovery Service

Check On Delivery (COD)

With the Check on delivery service you can accept check payments while having a piece of mind that you won't be chasing funding.  Customers will be happy because they can order items without being in-store.  
Here are just a few benefits of Check on Delivery

Protection for Auto Sales


Conversion. Deposit your checks right form the convenience of your desktop.  Waiting periods are elimated for claims.

Multiple Check Premium

30 Days. Accept 2 to 4 check from your customers to be deposited over a 30 day period.  

Stop Payment Premium

Protection. Trying to collect on a check with a stop payment is extremely challenging.  Never worry again.

Multiple Check Check Service

There are times customers may ask you to hold a check.  We have a simple cost effective method to guarantee those checks for you.  These checks can be approved in seconds via terminal, phone or internet before being deposited with your bank.  You now have to ability to setup a interest free payment play for your customer to pay off their account within 30 days.  

Learn About Multiple Check Service

Medical, Dental & Veterinarian Solutions

Easily accept checks right at the point of care.  With these services you can avoid 

Easy integration

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Increased conversion

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Satisfied customers

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Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

Skip the trip to the bank by using Remote Deposit Capture (RDC).  You will now have the ability to deposit right from your office. No more trips to the bank.

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